Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Up the garden path!

Or clearing up the garden path rather! Since the weekend I have actually been doing something other than writing or working. I have to admit to not being a fan of gardening normally but at the moment it is like therapy. You may remember at the beginning of this blog I showed you my big list of Things To Do for 2010.
I'm glad to say I am plodding through it nicely. Section 4 (Writing) is well under way as you may have realised but some sections have been sadly neglected and the garden is Section 6. It is going well (mostly thanks to my husband and our lodger, Ed) but still some way to get it finished. So whilst having some respite from writing and work I have been getting on with some.

We managed to borrow a pressure washer from our friends and the patio area has come up really well almost like we laid a new one! Used it on half the path today and clearing the laid slabs which are covered almost entirely by lawn. I have before photos somewhere so will show you how it is all progressing.

For now I am enjoying being outside, having some space to think and for the first time in some while, nothing to worry about!

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