Saturday, August 21, 2010

Week one of the challenge

Last week I set myself the challenge of writing 6000 - 8000 words a week. It's a pretty good way to stay motivated and focused on writing as it is very easy to not bother or get distracted.

I have kept up with it over this first week but have not done any over the last two days. This has mainly been with finishing an application form and entering some competitions.

Although I am working on my fiction this is an area I am continuing to try and improve on. The recent article that was accepted has made me realise the potential in some of my non-fiction work.  This has put some other project ideas into motion so I am going to get them outlined over the next couple of weeks and this will be included in the word count challenge.

Overall this first week has showed me the level of work involved and that I am perfectly capable of it if I put my mind to it. Now I just need to carry on with the same level of commitment.

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