Monday, August 9, 2010

Writing competitions!

Whilst I am spending a few days entertaining relatives I thought I would do a quick blog about some writing competitions I have spotted.

The Writer's Bureau competition continues and this month they are asking you to write a short book pitch in the hope of winning a Fiction Writing course. Again another great competition, quick to enter and a great prize if you were lucky enough to win.

Mills and Boon have a New Voices competition. You need to upload a first chapter for them for the first stage. This is not until later in the year but gives you time to prepare. There are further stages if you get through.

The Telegraph have an on-going travel writing competition entitled 'Just back.' See the link for details.

Another fun competition I have discovered is on The Arvon Foundation website. They want six word stories (yes just six) and this runs until the 1st September. This is much harder than you may think! The best I have come up with so far is seven words. I will definitely enter this one as soon as I come up with something.

Good luck with entering any of these competitions. I'll be back to normal blogging by the end of the week but until then I'll be back entertaining my Mum, Nan and Granddad! Must have entertained them well enough today as they are asleep on the sofa!

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