Tuesday, September 14, 2010

And back to reality!

After the excitement of last week I think I have finally come back down to earth. I think the two days back at work have done it and trying to explain what an anthology is. The great thing about it is the fact my desire to be a writer has been spurred on and it no longer feels unrealistic. It sadly doesn't change the fact I still have a mortgage to pay and am not in a position to give up work completely to concentrate my efforts on writing.

This is the point I realise I need to dig deep and work hard. I worked hard over June and July and thankfully that work had paid off. Now I am on to bigger projects I really need to grit my teeth to make sure I get them done. It feels more real now my name and 'writing career' have been used in the same sentence but I know that will only come if I put the work in.

This is the hard part. This is the part when I feel like I need all my time to do it but don't have the luxury so will have to make do. At least I now have 4 certificates to look at to remind me I'm not the only person who thinks I can write.

The certificates do not yet have a permanent home but will be framed and hung on a wall at some point soon. Somewhere I can go and look at them when I am having an emotional writing fit! As for my £10 winnings I plan on keeping them with the aim of reinvesting it into my writing. If I was ever lucky enough to win further competitions I will go on a weekend course. If not it can pay for a new load of paper when mine runs out!

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