Sunday, September 5, 2010

Six month review

As an exercise every two months I review the work I have done. This works as a way of motivating myself and it also turns out I can be amazingly forgetful. Often I have done far more than I care to remember and this just helps gee me along.So over the past two months I have managed to do the following:

  • Read Stephen King's On Writing 
  • Attended two talks for Writers in Southampton (On Non-fiction and performance poetry)
  • Started job hunt for 3-day/week job in field of writing
  • Set up website
  • Article from Shopmobility newsletter used on work website.
  • Read several library books on writing
  • Ran a competition on my blog
  • Completed two further entries for the Writing Buddies Anthology
  • Attended Penny Legg's book launch
  • Created a writing CV
  • Entered a six word story to the Arvon foundation competition
  • Entered some entries to the 21st Birthday Writer's bureau competition
  • Set a 20 week challenge (which I am already behind on), I may extend it to a year of running the blog! We'll have to see what happens!
  • Started one of the large projects (6000 words so far) as part of my challenge. 
  • Had an article accepted by how to books on How to twitter: basics.
  • Given opportunity to blog for Rubber Sole
  • Decided to put together book proposal for how to books so stopped challenge to do that.
  • Had my two plays rejected for famous for fifteen! (Oh well!)
  • Continued to attend Writing Buddies.
  • Subscribed to Writing magazine and Writer's news
Yep I was right I had forgotten I had done half this list and although not all of it is striking goals of my list it is all contributing. So although not every day is spent writing it is generally spent doing something involved with writing. So to sum up where my goals are they look like this:

  • Complete six three small writing tasks ( Less than 3000 words)
  • Complete three two large writing tasks (More than 3000 words)
  • Get two one of them published.

So I now have four months until the end of the year to complete two large writing projects. I definitely struggle with the focus required for larger projects but I am determined to stick to my goals. At present I potentially have three large projects but I will not get all of these finished by the end of the year so I will have to be more specific in my decisions on what to continue. I am glad to see my progress has been good so far and will be interested to see what happens from here.

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