Thursday, September 9, 2010

Take One, Pass It On

The lovely peeps at Walkers crisps have asked me to blog about a new competition they have running called 'Take One, Pass it on'. This is part of the launch of their Extra Crunchy crisps. The idea is simple; upload a video showing them how you share your Extra Crunchy and they will edit the best ones so it looks like the bag is being passed from one person to the next. Here is Walkers demonstration of what you need to do:

Their are prizes on offer with the person’s video next to Lionel Richie in the random edit winning £1,000! There are also four Sony video cameras for the most creative shares and a free bag of Extra Crunchy for every person that appears in the final video. So well worth spending a few minutes having a bit of fun whilst eating your favourite crisps!

I'm going to have a go next weekend when I'm off for a camping trip with some of my best friends! Hopefully the sun will be shining and it will get our creative juices flowing!

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