Monday, September 6, 2010

Writing Magazine and Writing News

A couple of days ago I received the first issues of my subscription to the writing magazine and writers' news. After reading in a couple of books that these were invaluable I decided I should think about getting a subscription. Having no spare money I realised it may be some time before I could sign up but then I decided to ask my hubby if he could get me the subscription as my anniversary present. He happily got it for me and it has already turned out to be a very worthwhile present.

I have spent the last few days looking through the magazines including a free supplement and I have been thoroughly impressed with the content and variety. The subscriber only competitions alone make it well worth signing up to the magazines but the tips and articles really are beneficial to any writers, especially those starting out. I will definitely be continuing my subscription after this year. I also plan to spend some time working on some entries for the writing competitions.

That brings me onto the fact that last week was a bit of a wash out for writing and I didn't manage to keep up with my challenge. I am not too worried about that as I see it a little like my slimming world diet; some weeks you lose focus! The trick is to get back to it as soon as possible. So that said I am taking a trip to the library tomorrow to find out some definite details for submitting my book proposal. Then I will spend the rest of the week trying to finish putting it together.

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