Friday, October 1, 2010

Choosing a title?

One of the things I tend to struggle with is choosing a title for a piece of work.  On occasions I will have a title in mind when I start the work but most of the time I decide when I have finished. This sends my brain into panic mode as for some reason I find it difficult what to call it. I tend to save the piece under a very generic title on my laptop. This recent piece of work I saved under Sandra (a character name given as part of the contest.) I have used character names as titles in the past but I didn't plan to on this occasion as the focus wasn't entirely on this character.

It is often a huge temptation to summarise the story in a title. This is fine in some situations but if you're not careful this can give away your whole story. A reader will be put off  reading the whole story if they already know the punchline from the title. For the story I have just written I have ended up using a title that summarises the story but hopefully pulls the reader in wanting to know more. It gives nothing away but sums it up well.

I really don't know why I leave it until last and then go into panic mode. A title is an important part of a story and I always end up just hoping it's okay. Fingers crossed this one does the trick.

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