Saturday, October 23, 2010

A little procrastination!

It's been a busy week leaving little time for writing but I'm happy to report I am back on track with at least five free days for writing over the next week. I have been working mornings this week and that leaves me with less free time for writing and have been busy socially as well. This week saw the Shopmobility information event take place. Shopmobility is my part-time job alongside my writing -  the event went well and was an enjoyable day. Hopefully it explains my quietness over the past few days and is a good enough excuse for not having done much writing over the past week. 

I think my postman must have heard me grumbling as he has been much nicer to me this week (or at least the post has!) 3 parcels and a letter from future publishing! The letter informing me I had won a recent competition for My family tree. Two of these will provide very nice Christmas presents so for a broke writer this is very welcome news!

So back to the hard work of writing. I am slightly behind on what I want to have done so will try and get them done over the next week. The planned agenda is more novel writing with an aim of getting to 20k by the next Writing Buddies meeting, complete a short story (this is the bit I am struggling with - have the general theme of impatience but not happy with my storyline idea yet), and finish off some more how to articles. If I get all that done I will be a happy bunny again.


  1. Good luck with it all, hope you achieve what you want to. Personally, I'm settling for some more novel rewriting.

  2. Hi Christine,

    Managed more procrastination than I care to mention today! Good luck with the rewriting and thank you for following the blog.

    Catherine :D