Monday, October 18, 2010

Postman Blues - yet another symptom!

It's no good I've fallen out with my postman! I'm not sure if he is aware of this as I haven't told him about it. I'm not sure if he is aware of the fact he is the holder of sacred news. I guess he must know that some of the letters he goes about with in his bag will delight people but at the same time the majority of his bag will be bills!

My post is normally a thing of delight and excitement but not this month. The reason it is a thing of delight is of course all the competitions I enter! I have been amazed over the years of all the wonderful things I have received. So the week is often interspersed with a package or two and that really is a wonderful thing as opposed to just the bills!

Sadly though I have slightly reduced the number of competitions I enter although anyone who follows me on twitter on a Friday might not think that (I did win 3 things this Friday though!) So there has been a reduction in the number of things I have won and the number of parcels delivered. Instead as you will know I have been concentrating on writing with various writing competitions, book proposals and submitting suggestions. So I am waiting for the postman to bring me letters telling me I have won The Bridport Flash fiction prize, my book proposal has been accepted and any other number of my writing fantasies!

So this week he brought me bills, holiday catalogues and sales brochures. The only excitement turned out to a sample protein shake and really don't think I am in need of that! I have not had such dry and drab post for a long time - I think they must know I'm waiting on news!

Although there was an upturn yesterday when I received some tickets so maybe the trend is improving again! However much I like prizes though I would much prefer a book proposal acceptance or the like. Although in the absence of a book proposal acceptance it would be nice for the parcels to still turn up!

Hopefully this week's post will fair a bit better but having said that today he brought me four letters......for my husband! 


  1. Hello Catherine,

    Thank you for reading my blog and your supportive comments are always welcome.

    Your blogs are well written and interesting to read.

    Hope to see you at this weeks Writing Buddies meet-up.

    Best Wishes, Jacqui

  2. Hi Jacqui!

    Thank you! Hope you had a lovely time in Spain!

    Look forward to seeing you on Friday!

    Catherine x