Friday, November 5, 2010

Eight month review

This is the fourth of my two-monthly reviews. It was initially a way of me double-checking how I have got on with goals. It also serves as a way of reminding myself what I have been up to. The past two months have been amazing and I think I have got further in the past two months but not without the six months of hard work before that. So these two months have seen me get up to:

  • The results of the Writing Buddies Anthology came in and I was super pleased to find I won 1st place in Drama and Flash Fiction and 2nd place in Flash Fiction and Non-Fiction filler.
  • Put together a non-fiction book proposal and sent off to publisher.
  • Submitted two short stories to Writers News competitions
  • Written two other short stories - they need to be edited and then submitted. 
  • Applied to join the Society of Woman Writers and Journalists (SWWJ)
  • Attended an SWWJ event in London on Non-fiction with Wendy Hughes
  • Starting doing some admin and marketing for Writing Buddies and Penny Legg
  • Adapted a short story and had a rejection!
  • Letter printed in Slimming World magazine
  • Revamped this blog and Writing buddies blog
  • Set up Writing buddies on twitter
  • Signed up to #NaNoWriMo
  • Continued writing the shortlist - word count had increased by 15,000 ( 5000 + of this has been through #NaNoWriMo)
  • Attended a panel discussion on publishing at The Bournemouth Literary festival
  • Submitted 2 articles on twitter to how to books website; both have been accepted and more news on this soon!
  • Continued attending Writing Buddies and Writers in Southampton.
The past two months have been amazing and I have met lots of wonderfully helpful people along the way. So much has happened it has left me feeling a little dizzy. In terms of my goals it is just two large projects to complete. These are coming on well but I still love doing other projects as well and will continue to do this. 


  1. Wow! You are putting me to shame at the moment!

  2. I have been working hard but I do have becoming a Grandma on my list! For that alone we'll let you off! Hope it is all going okay x

  3. That should read DO NOT have!