Monday, December 6, 2010

The Disabled Shop Blogging Contest

I always like to feature more off the beaten track competitions and there is another great one over at The Disabled Shop Blog.

The competition is geared towards writers who have a disability or work with disability. The prize is £250 in cash and the possibility of becoming a regular (paid) blogger! The closing date is the 18th December.

The current entries are featured on the blog and they have provided clear guidelines on what they are looking for so bear that in mind.

This is another one I will enter as I have lots I can blog about on this subject; I have sarcoidosis, I used to be a physiotherapist and I now work in Shopmobility. My only problem is deciding what to blog about! They are allowing more than one entry per person so if I can't decide I may write more than one. I will share the links to them here when they are up on the website.

Good Luck if you decide to enter.

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