Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Top Tips for Christmas Shopping On Your Scooter (Disabled Shop Blogging Contest Entry)

Mobility Scooters are a great way to get around the shops. Whether out on your own scooter or hiring one there are certain things you can do to help make your shopping trip safer and more enjoyable.

Wrap up warm
You may have noticed but it’s unusually chilly and that means making sure you are prepared for the weather. If you are heading outside for any of your Christmas shopping you may feel the cold more if you are sat for long periods. Try and go out in several layers and if that is not enough why not consider a Deluxe Scooter Cosy.

Deluxe Scooter Cosy
This will keep you nice and toasty on cold days (think we may be due a few more seen as winter isn’t upon us yet!) The other weather condition to consider is rain and there are a variety of products that can help keep you dry.

Keep the key with you
Like you would with a vehicle make sure if you are leaving your scooter you take your key with you. Shopping can be very busy and it is the only way to help ensure your scooter is safe.

Be careful with your handbag
Most scooters have a basket at the front and this is the obvious place to put your handbag. This could prove tempting for bag snatchers. Instead use a shoulder bag that you can put around you or place your bag between your feet.

Keep the handlebars clear
The controls are situated by the handles and hanging anything from here is extremely hazardous. If you hang any bags on here you are at significant risk of catching the controls and the scooter going out of control. Regard the scooter like a car; you would not store shopping by your foot pedals.

Load your shopping on safely
Scooters are very helpful for carrying your shopping when your bags are stored correctly. It may be tempting but try not to overload it. There are some great bags available specifically for scooters that enable to carry any extras you might get. They can be attached to the back and the side arms and are a fantastic way to carry your shopping. 

Armrest Pouch and Saddle
Bag Set - Tartan/Blue

Ask for assistance
If you can’t get to a shop – make sure you ask for assistance. With the Disability Discrimination Act in place access to shops should be possible but this is not always the case for smaller shops. If you can’t access a shop or areas of a shop they should help assist you in locating any products you may need. Even the larger shops at this time of year can be guilty of putting promotional products in the way of normally clear aisles. If this is the case don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. It can be a pain but they are there to help you and it is their duty to do so.

Keep your walking aid handy
If you will need your walking aid whilst you are out keep your walking aid handy. A crutch and walking stick Scooter bag can be attached to your scooter so you can take them with you easily.

Switch it off
Whenever getting on or off the scooter do make sure the scooter is switched off. It is very easy to knock the controls when you go to sit or stand so make sure the vehicle will not move by switching off and removing the key.

Most of all make sure you enjoy your Christmas shopping experience. Don’t forget to have as many tea breaks and coffee stops as required and get something for yourself in the process. Or if you’re stuck with what to get your loved ones why not consider making their life easier with one of these Scooter Accessories.

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