Saturday, January 22, 2011

Love is in the air.....

It may have not escaped your attention that next month it will be Valentine's Day. Don't worry I haven't gone all soppy and decided to declare my undying love on my blog! My husband thinks I'm loopy enough as it is.

I thought I would mention it as I've spotted a few competitions that involve a bit of writing effort. They are not writing competitions in the traditional sense but are great for a bit of fun and to flex your poetic muscles!

The first one is from Hallmark cards and last year I was short-listed for the voting stage. It is simple to enter and you can enter more than once. Click on the link to get the low-down on what you need to do to enter. The prize is a weekend cottage holiday and the deadline is 24th January.

Debenham's blog have another Valentine's competition asking you to sum up your most romantic thought in 10 words or less! The most original will be picked and will win a gold & diamond heart pendent (worth £1000) engraved with those words. Deadline is 9th February.

Late Rooms want to know if you are loved up or loathed out? It requires some writing effort and they will pick the best three from each category and these will be put up to a public vote to choose the overall winner. The prize is a weekend break and the deadline is 27th January.

The last one I have found is not linked in on the same theme but does require some poetry effort! Centre Parks UK are running a poetry competition on facebook for a chance to win a family holiday. Deadline is 20th February.

Make sure you check the terms and conditions when entering the competitions.

These are all a bit of fun that require some writing effort and I always think they are worth entering. Judges are normally looking for something that stands out or fits in with the product or theme. Even getting short-listed can be a nice boost to your confidence and if you won - even more so!


  1. Hey Catherine, thanks for posting these competition links, I'll certainly take a look and promise to enter at least one.

  2. Thanks for these - I'll definitely be entering one or two (I could do with a short break!) Take care x

  3. Good Luck with your entries! Worth a try - must remember to try myself! x