Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Tweet-Up

I think 'Tweet-Up' has almost become an official term! It's like the next stage of social media when you actually meet up with people you have met on twitter.

On January 8th I went to my first ever tweet-up. It was with some of the people I have known the longest on twitter. Collectively we are all compers and  I met them early on in my twitter history. Since then, alongside entering competitions, we regular engage in chat and keep up with each others news.

At some point along our twitter journey we realised that not only is it a small world but twitter is a smaller world and a number of us are from and around the Southampton area. After some organisation from Charis we finally met up on for a post-Christmas dinner! It was lovely to meet all the people I chat to and great to find they are all exactly as I'd imagined.

Kim, Zoe, Dawn, Charis, Cathy, Gemma, Me & Cecelia :)
After my initial nerves (bit like going on a first date) I had a lovely evening and I think we all did despite the reindeer fight! 

So glad we were able to meet up and I look forward to many more tweet-ups in the future!

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  1. Your tweet-up looks great fun! Like the reindeer too ;)