Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Clash of the Comics!

This year for Comic Relief Walkers crisps have four new flavours! Each one is linked with a famous comedian as you may be able to guess from the flavour names: Stephen Fry Up, Steak and Al Pie, Frank Roast Dinner and Jimmy Con Carrne. Walkers need your votes to help them on the way to raising one million pounds for Comic Relief. The best part is the comedian with the least votes will play a forfeit! So who will you choose to back - Stephen Fry, Al Murray, Frank Skinner or Jimmy Carr? 

Which to try first?
I got together an unofficial taste tester panel - the five strong taster crew consisted of Mr Russ, Mr Ed, Mr Dan, Kat and myself! At the end of the evening the votes came in at:
Mr Dan making a tough decision!

  • Stephen Fry Up - 2 votes
  • Steak and Al Pie - 1 vote
  • Frank Roast Dinner - 2 votes
  • Jimmy Con Carrne - 0 votes
So no clear winner but looks like if it was up to us Jimmy Carr would be doing the forfeit! Fortunately for him it is not up to us and you can help by voting for your favourite.

So make sure on your next shopping trip you pick some up and help decide the fate of these fine fellows. Once you have tried them all make sure you vote for your favourite. You can also pledge your support and  follow progress via twitter and facebook!


  1. Do you know, my hand hovered over a packet of these in the petrol station queue this morning. I resisted and came away with a bottle of red and an onion baton.

    HOWEVER, I don't feel I can let you do this all on your own, Katy. Will amend tomorrow's Sainsbury's delivery immediately! Not sure they're suitable for the children though, this requires an adult's input. Mine.

  2. I wouldn't want to embark on this by myself! It is research for Red Nose Day so would go well with some more red wine.

    I'll let you into a secret - my favourite was Frank Roast Dinner!

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