Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My mantra

Nothing's easy,
everything's possible.

When I was sixteen and revising for my GCSEs I wrote this statement on a piece of card and put it on the back of my bedroom door. It was somewhat of an art work and I spent an afternoon of revision time on the project. It may have been an early sign of my ability to procrastinate but in fact it was a great source of focus over the coming weeks. Every time I lost concentration or felt like I wouldn't get the grades I wanted I would look at that statement. GCSEs were not the only obstacle I would face in my quest to qualify as a physiotherapist and my thoughts often returned to this phrase.

Yesterday I was walking along the road thinking about my writing goals and 'Nothing's easy, everything's possible' popped into my head. It was the first time I recognised the fact that at sixteen I had created my own mantra. I believe it entirely. Nothing I really want to achieve in life will come easy but if I work really hard I know I can achieve it.

Anyone who knows me will recognise how this reflects my approach to most things in life. Hopefully my mantra will see me through to becoming a published novelist. So if you don't have a mantra it may be worth thinking one up!

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  1. I quite agree and to be honest, if something is easy then is it worth it in the first place? We value the things that are hard work!