Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Well I had said no more blogs until after York but then the lovely Lucie Wheeler chose to award my blog with a Stylish Blog Award! If you are not following Lucie please do along with the other receipients: Sue Moorcroft, Nicola Morgan, Talli Roland and Margaret James. They are some fantastic blogs from some very talented people and I'm just glad it wasn't a shortlist!

In keeping with this award I now have to tell you seven things about myself. I’ll try and make them interesting!
        1) I’m a qualified physiotherapist – I went to University in East London and qualified in 2002.

        2) One of my pupils doesn’t dilate. I have an eye condition called uveitis and the inflammation has caused scarring in my eye. It doesn’t cause me too many problems (as long as I keep popping the pills) but it can be a pain in changing light conditions.

        3) I’ve never liked raw tomatoes. I try them at least once a year but my taste buds still think they’re yuck.

        4) It took me six attempts to pass my driving test.

        5) Following on from Lucie’s fear of wasps I promised I would share my wasp story. It stands at number one in the chart of my embarrassing life events. I was in the middle of treating a patient on the ward when I had the most awful pain in my thigh. It was a wasp stinging me through my rather thick NHS trousers. Instinctively I whacked it away but unintentionally it landed on my immobile patient. I couldn’t put any weight on my leg and I quickly turned into a hopping mad woman trying to alert the staff to the wasp on my patient. The nursing staff were so worried about me they had me in the treatment room (the bit behind the ward clerk desk with no doors)  and were whipping my trousers down to check if the sting was out and feeding me anti-histamines. If that wasn't enough my boss then had to take me down to A&E in a wheelchair (my trousers were back up at this point.) I haven't been stung since and it's safe to say I avoid the blighters at all costs!
        6) I have one tattoo. I'll let you guess where! 

        7) One of my hobbies is ‘comping.’ That is entering competitions on a regular basis.  When I started in 2007 I'd only been entering for six weeks when I won a holiday to Australia. I have gone on to win several other holidays and still enter them now. It means on occasions I need a friend who owns a passport and can be available last minute. Applications below please...   
        In keeping with tradition I shall now pass the Stylish Blog Award onto five blogs I recommend and they are:
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  1. Stories like that have me missing the NHS! I particularly miss hearing the more bizarre stories from the A&E staff...sigh. Perhaps I should go back. Hospitals are a hotbed of writing material!

    As for the tattoo - hmm. I feel a book coming on.'The Girl With The Mystery Tattoo.' Darn it, though, that title seems worryingly familiar...

  2. When I was a little girl, I wanted, so bad, to be a physiotherapist.
    And, I'm glad I am not the only one 'popping pills' on a regular basis :-)

    See, there is never a 'good' story about the little critters! I'm glad you are ok. Are you allergic to them, then?

    Referring to the tattoo, my guess is, oh wait, can I say.....nope, better not! ;-)

    You are one very lucky lady, Australia, are you serious!? I'm making sure I stand next to you next time I enter something - see if I can rub off some of that luck!

    Great post, Catherine. xx

  3. Well my part-time job is now in a shopping centre and that can be just as entertaining!

    The tattoo is... a hummingbird so I'm sure you're onto something, Alison!

    I'm not allergic officially but they said I am likely to become allergic if I get stung too many more times... hence avoiding them! I do think it was a mutant wasp to sting me through those trousers though!

    And I do consider myself to be very lucky! Maybe I should be katyluckylady instead of a little one!

  4. Happy Birthday Katyluckylady! :)