Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Growing Up in Wartime Southampton:The book launch!

On Sunday I spent a lovely afternoon at James Marsh's book launch for Growing up in Wartime Southampton: Someone Else's Trousers. James is a member of the writing group I belong to, Writing Buddies. I met James for the first time last April and at that point he had received his contract and needed to whittle down his word count. A year later and all his hard work has come to fruition. Not forgetting all the years of hard work before that!

It was really nice to see James celebrating the successful publication of his book. Now I have my signed copy I am really looking forward to reading it. Not least because James has shared little snippets over the year I have known him.

Well done, Jimmy! And to echo Jimmy's mini speech: Here's to Someone Else's Trousers!


  1. Well thank goodness they weren't The Wrong Trousers, LOL, he could have ended up like Wallace...
    Always good to hear other people's success stories. Go, Jimmy, go! :-)
    (And well done you for turning up to support him)

  2. Looks like Jimmy had a great time!