Friday, May 20, 2011

The RNA Party - And what a party!

On Wednesday I attended my first ever RNA party and thoroughly enjoyed it. There was so much going on I thought I would give a run down of my highlights.

  •  The Tweet-Up: A group of us met up beforehand. It was great making some new friends and meeting people I've known for months but have never met: Talli Roland, Rachel Lyndhurst, Lucie Wheeler, Janet Brigden, Liz Crump, Jane Holland, Vanessa Savage. Head over to their blogs where you may find pictures of the actual event.
  • Waiting outside The Ritz for a taxi. Talli was almost taken out by the revolving door before we gave up.
  • The moment seven of us crammed into a busy tube carriage and half of Jane Holland nearly got left behind! 
  • When I tagged on to Talli in an effort to find the bar and ended up circulating the whole library before we found it (great way to meet several people in a rush - we were thirsty.)
  • Taking flat shoes and changing into heels when I got there. This may be my wisest moment yet.
  • Listening to the announcement of the Joan Hesseyon Award  - Charlotte Betts with The Apothecary's Daughter.
  • Meeting so many lovely people in such a short space of time who are so willing to help out those on the NWS.
  • A bag containing a wine bottle (not mine) - anyone who knows about this will know what I mean!
  • The taxi ride back to Waterloo Station with D.J. Kirkby and Rachel Lyndhurst. We arrived and got a Burger King like all classy ladies would.
  • Getting home and reading everyone else's blogs and realising exactly how many people I didn't get to talk to!

It truly was a fantastic evening, brilliantly organised by Jan Jones and Roger Sanderson. For more pictures and highlights check out the RNA blog.


  1. Lovely post, Catherine and it was brilliant to meet you at long last! And THAT handbag wasn't mine either ... *snorts of suppressed laughter*

  2. Yay! It was fab, wasn't it, and so great to meet you at long last! Haha, I forgot about the revolving door at the Ritz!

  3. Great run down of the day, Catherine. And now I shall chant to myself...

    Take flats to change into, take flats to change into, take flats to change into....

  4. It was a fab day! Think I am only just getting over it!

  5. Sounds like you all had a great time and puts our meetings of the B'ham RNA chapter completely in the shade!

  6. It sounds like a fantastic evening and I love the tip about wearing flats before changing into heels. My feet struggle when I make them squeeze into a pair of heels.