Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Re-Writes - Stage Three

Dear Work In Progress,

We've been together for nine months and I feel I can be open with you. So I just wanted to say:
Yes, that's right, you've driven me insane with your constant demands for attention. If writing you wasn't hard enough work you want me to pamper you until you sparkle.

In this second stage I've given you:
  • Love - Yes, I love the story. Thus, I love you WIP.
  • Va va voom - Those lovely characters we started out with, well now they have PERSONALITY. 
  • POW factor - So another POV and we have more POW.
  • Magic fairy dust - I have gone to great lengths for you, dear WIP.
So, a review of what have you given me:
  • Blah, Blah, Blah - Sometimes this is what you greet me with and it is not welcome.
  • My Bad Habits - You just keep bringing them up.
  • A tea addiction- I've never drunk so much of the stuff and did you make me one cup?
  • LOL - I have spontaneous moments of this - IN PUBLIC. Fair enough to laugh when you are reading a book. Not so much when you are writing one in your head.

Oh, this mixed web of joy and doom.

It appears I have pulled my hair out!

So I'm leaving you. It's premature but it's for the best. Don't worry though, it's only for a week in Dorset. I thought we might be through by now but it turns out I really do want to make you sparkle, so we need to spend more time together.

I will miss you WIP. I will try not to think of you constantly, I know you won't worry about me.




  1. LOL, Katy! You'll miss WIP.

    On the other hand, Dorset is stunning. Might lead to new inspirations and competition for WIP...

    Enjoy! x

  2. I can't wait to get away! I will miss WIP but am leaving laptop behind otherwise I won't relax!

    Need to find a setting for next WIP so you never know ;-)

    Thank you, Cathie x

  3. Well done for getting this far. I shall be starting editing shortly and it feels scary. Have a wonderful holiday and walk on the beach for me. Mx

  4. It's taking longer than I thought it would. I think maybe because I'm fussy, which I hope isn't a bad thing. Good luck with the final push for your 80k, Morton x

  5. I know you wanted to get it finished and then go off and have a good time, but it might be better this way. Go off and forget it, come back and hone. Have a great holiday, Catherine. Penny x

  6. Thanks, Penny! Very much looking forward to the break! x

  7. Don't worry, WIP, she'll be back :-)