Monday, June 13, 2011

The Re-Writes - Stage Two

So I have my plan in place. I know what needs to be added and what needs to be taken away for the next version but it's much easier said (or condensed into three pages of bullet-points) than done.

My first chapter was originally the fifth and it needs a good shake up to make it work. And I need to make sure it all works. It needs to sparkle, and that's no small task.

So to try and give myself the best chance I've been reading up. Ever since I started this blog I've been heavily reliant on the library service. At any point since last March I've had about twenty books out on the various aspects of writing. This has been great because there is no way I could afford to buy all these books however much I'd like to.

My prize

In a stroke of luck, earlier this year I won a £100 book token for my vote in The TV Book Club. After taking some advice on recommended reads, I have been spending the voucher wisely. It has meant that I have been able to get hold of some books not available at my library and this time I get to keep them.

I've also been reading some novels in the chick lit/contemporary fiction genre. Not everyone does this for fear of taking on that writer's style but I need to know I am heading in the right direction.

Now I've charged my brain I hope the edits speed up! I will be re-stocking the tea and chocolate supplies. Any other tips for the next stage gratefully received.


  1. Never got to that stage, so I can't help you much. Just wish you luck, it sounds as if you are almost there! Well done. Mx

  2. I'm sure you will, Morton! I'm just hoping the tea and chocolate are helpful in stage 2!

  3. Chocolate is always helpful in every situation. Mx

  4. What did you buy, Katy? I'm building a writing-book-wish-list. It would be great if you can write a post about what you bought and why! :)


  5. Best wishes for the re-writes - I find bribing myself with tea and chocolate always helps ;) The best book on writing I ever read was 'The Art of Fiction' by David Lodge. Very easy to read, fairly cheap paperback, definitely recommend it x

  6. I am about to dive into the second round of edits myself. These will be based on the notes from my critique partners. Have you had someone else read over your work Katy? I can't recommend it highly enough... different eyes will pick up niggles which you had just accepted as "good enough". Right now I'm trying to nail the synopsis to give my editing muscle a rest!

  7. I've had a chapter review from, Sue Moorcroft and it was extremely helpful for this next stage. I know a lot of people benefit from critique groups but I don't like sharing my work until I feel it's ready! Good Luck with the second round!