Friday, August 12, 2011

The New Writers' Scheme submission - It's in!

I'm presently doing cartwheels! Not real ones, that would be silly, but mentally I am! Today I have taken the trip down to the post office and submitted my manuscript to the Romantic Novelists' Association's New Writers' Scheme. It is the novel I started last October and it has undergone many changes following the Festival of Writing back in March and a chapter review from Sue Moorcroft as a result of Authors for Japan.

Getting it ready this morning, I had the same nerves that jangled around on the morning of my wedding and now it's sent I feel it's truly time to celebrate, so to get you in the mood:

It will now be sent out to a reader within the RNA and they will complete a critique of my work before it is sent back to me. It's a brilliant scheme and I'll looking forward to the feedback as however it turns out it's much better than a rejection and may end up preventing some. I really hope my reader shares my sense of humour, if it makes them laugh at least once, that's enough to make me happy!


  1. Well done have certainly worked hard. Hope you can take some time to chill out a bit before your next project!

  2. Yippee! Go you! :)

    What are you going to do now, though? Start on novel number 2?

  3. Thank you, Maria and Clare! Plan is to do some short stories, read all the library books that I've had out for ages (Most of them are about writing) and then start book number 2!

  4. Very well done - what an achievement. Don't forget to treat yourself for all the hard work. Mx

  5. Congratulations for your submission - mine went in last week too - and good luck with your report.

    I think I was bidding against you in the auction...

  6. Thank you, Morton. I have a lovely few days off in Margate now to relax.

    Well done, Debs on your submission! It really is worth celebrating! I think I may call it my safety net rather than a report! Sounds more comforting that way ;) Just looked back and we were both bidding! I have to say it was well worth it and I would recommend Sue to anyone wanting to pay for a critique.