Friday, August 5, 2011

The Re-Writes - Stage Four

Warning: Blogging has resumed!

It's been so long since I blogged I thought this post should come with a warning. The problem is I've learnt so much during this whole process if I attempt to sum it all up in one blog post it will be a big mishmash of information that will only make sense to me. In fact, the last part of that sentence may apply to my whole life but I'll try not to dwell. I'm going to try and break down what I have learnt into handy bite-size pieces across several blog posts so I don't scare the blog (or anyone else) into hiding!

  • Know the difference between re-writes and edits.

I have heard the words "re-write" and "editing" used interchangeably but they are different things, I think.
When I was twenty-one and at University I had my first bash at writing a novel. It really was only a bash because I didn't have a clue. When I finished it, I then edited the story. But it really was only an edit. I checked my spelling, sorted my grammar and changed a few paragraphs about but I never even touched on the essentials. I was at the point where I was too precious over my story to want to change anything and that's not a great place to be because I wasn't being objective.

What I didn't do back then, amongst other oversights, was to really look at the overall story and structure. I never questioned if the actions and outcomes where right for the story or the readership. In this project I have really looked at these things and have completed a proper re-write.

Having said that, of course, if you are re-writing, you will be editing at the same time. So they do go hand in hand but they're not the same thing. If only I'd known that ten years ago.

Jynx safe-guarding my chapter breakdown.

I now have highlighters and red pens at the ready to start a final round of edits before sending the typescript of to the New Writers' Scheme. Fingers crossed!

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