Friday, October 14, 2011

Friendly Blogger Award

I'm back from my wonderful holiday! Before I escaped, the lovely, Sue Fortin awarded my blog a friendly blog award. Sue is a fellow (very supportive) member of the RNA New Writers' Scheme and you can find her over at her fabulous blog: love reading love books.

In keeping with the award I must tell you seven things about me and recommend fifteen other blogs. So I'll try and tell you seven things I haven't told you before. Please excuse me if I verge on bizarre and useless facts.

1) I have hammer toes. Google it. No don't google it. Especially not the images. That's not what my toes look like. They're just a bit curled. But they're dinky. Nothing like google images.

2) My singing career peaked when I sang at the School Proms at the Royal Albert Hall.

3) The star constellation Orion is marked out in moles on my left cheek. It's a unique feature but not something to be brought up in general conversation. People kind of look at me funny when I do and it's not 'cause they're trying to see what I mean.

4) I was born breech and got stuck on my way out so my heart stopped several times. Fortunately I came out screaming and dyslexia was the main after effect.

5) I found my first white hair on my 21st Birthday. I yanked it out and you how the old wives' tale goes.

6) I had eight teeth taken out when I was eight years old after four of my teeth grew without any enamal. It's a very rare condition and the other four were taken out after they didn't surface.

7) Without even touching on my medical history I now sound like a freak of nature. So for my seventh fact I can assure you I have ten toes, eight fingers, two thumbs and all my own teeth. Well... not all of them.

The following fifteen blogs I recommend and pass the award onto are a collection of NWS, Writing Buddies, Friends via twitter and new discoveries. Please check them out, all are worth following.

Now back into holiday mode for me. I'm not due back until Monday!


  1. 'I found my first white hair on my 21st Birthday. I yanked it out and you how the old wives' tale goes.'

    Oh, dear - but honestly, that's why God invented hairdressers, isn't it? :)

    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Hi Catherine,

    Thanks for the blog list. It's great to find more writers' blogs to peruse and leave comments on-yet another way of procrastinating for me!

    Anita x

  3. Yes, you will notice I have no evident white hairs in any of my photos!

    Some great blogs, lots of others as well but some of them on Sue's list so check on her blog as well!

    Catherine x

  4. Thanks Catherine too kind we miss you @ Buddies Come back so I can pick your brain & see your lovely smiley face again, it aint the same without you!

  5. Thank you for my award. Not sure how to transfer it to my blog but I'll have a go. Mx

  6. I'm back now, Mo as have Fridays off! If you need any help, Morton just give me a shout! Very deserving blogs!