Friday, November 4, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: Highland Storms by Christina Courtenay

Highland Storms is another triumph from author, Christina Courtenay. A follow on from Trade Winds but a complete stand alone novel. It follows the journey of Brice Kinross who's been betrayed by his brother and his own bride and is only too pleased to leave Sweden to take over the family estate in Scotland...

Betrayed by his brother and his childhood love, Brice Kinross needs a fresh start. So he welcomes the opportunity to leave Sweden for the Scottish Highlands to take over the family estate.
But there’s trouble afoot at Rosyth in 1754 and Brice finds himself unwelcome. The estate is in ruin and money is disappearing.  He discovers an ally in Marsaili Buchanan, the beautiful redheaded housekeeper, but can he trust her?
Marsaili is determined to build a good life. She works hard at being housekeeper and harder still at avoiding men who want to take advantage of her.  But she’s irresistibly drawn to the new clan chief, even though he’s made it plain he doesn’t want to be shackled to anyone.
And the young laird has more than romance on his mind. His investigations are stirring up an enemy.  Someone who will stop at nothing to get what he wants – including Marsaili – even if that means destroying Brice’s life forever …

I love Christina's style and this book won't disappointment. The tale heightens to ever increasing danger for those involved and you'll find you won't be able to put the book down.

As part of Christina's blog tour I promised I would add my version of Brice. I have to say as heroes go, he really didn't disappoint. I think how I imagined him may have something to do with recently watching Crazy, Stupid, Love and discovering Ryan Gosling's six-pack so here's how I imagined Brice:

Okay, so it's a really bad, DIY job. But if I was going to cast Brice it would be Ryan Gosling with long hair!

And following on from Christina's blog tour one lucky winner gets to enjoy a copy of Highland Storms.

The winner is: @aesop57 who chose Hugh Grant as their hero!

Congratulations to them and for a winter pick-me-up, Highland Storms is just the ticket!

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