Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Learning from my mistakes: Quick, quick, slow...

Nearly a decade ago I made my first serious attempt at novel writing. I remember the first chapter set the scene and in the second I managed to reveal the rest of the plot. Oops. 

It's been a trait I recognise in myself. Always too eager to get to the punchline. 

In that example, I realised what I'd done and did my best to remedy the problem.

These days I like to think I'm more aware of pace and it was one of the areas my reader complimented along with timescale. They commented the ending was a bit rushed but I was aware of this in my attempts to get it in on time. 

So, why am I including this as one of my mistakes? Well, after reading some of the recommended authors I realise I'm still going too quickly. In the second edit I removed quite a lot in terms of word count thinking I needed to up the pace. But in reading other pieces, it is obvious that if you have the levels of tension right, it will keep the reader interested. 

In this re-write I'll be reinstating some of those sections but ensuring the tension and pace are present. One day I'll get it just right!

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