Monday, November 21, 2011


So many wonderful things have happened in the past week I really should be blogging about them. But then one single word outdone them all... Remission. What a beautiful word it is. How wonderful it is to hear.

Remission from what you may wonder? The eye condition I mention in my bio on the right.

I've had Uveitis (inflammation of the eye) since the age of seventeen. As it's been with me my whole adult life it's something I've come to accept. The daily tablets I take stop me from losing my sight and I've become accustomed to what I call my jellyfish.
An example of Uveitis
My eye condition flared up again at 21 and with investigations it was diagnosed as being caused by Sarcoidosis. It was an illness that often burns out after a few years but those years came and went with my condition being no better.
My eye during a flare-up in 2008
So I live each day, taking the pills, feeding the jellyfish, keeping them from getting to the point of clouding my vision. But, recently they seem to have given up swimming. I still have floaters in my eyes but they haven't troubled me in the same way I'm used to.

Today my consultant, Mr Nigel Hall, told me my eyes are in remission. It has just become my favourite word.  One I never thought I would hear. One that means so much. One that I thought I should share.

I hope everyone with an illness gets to hear it, at least once.

Stay well my lovelies xxx


  1. I'm so pleased to hear your good news. Remission - yes, that sounds wonderful.

  2. Whoo hoo how super. So pleased for you. Enjoy feeling free. Mx

  3. Remission - long may it last. Woohoo!

    That is wonderful. Keep well.

    And if you pop over to my blog you will find you have been given an award.



  4. Great news, Catherine. I still love actual jellyfish, but not yours. Congrats.

  5. Thank you eveyone, it is super news, especially as it is unexpected!

    Juliet - thank you so much for the blog award! I will blog about it next week!


  6. Fantastic! What lovely news. Long may it last :) xx