Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Time for a new counter - the re-writes begin!

Time to reset the counter for Miles Between Us back to 0 and you should find it to the right of this post. (At least you will if this post in still at the top of the blog.) It will creap gradually back up to 90,000 so you can see how I'm progressing with re-writes.

I'm not sure at this point how long it will take. Longer than I'd like, mainly because I feel a bit like I'm dealing with a tangled mess. I've changed the storyline more than once and to get it right, I feel another change coming on to improve the characterisation. At present, if I get complete before my birthday in March I'll be happy. I'd like it done much sooner but it took longer than expected last time so I'm trying to be realistic with myself. I know it will depend on how many changes I make but at the moment I'm going in for a penny in for a pound.

I've caught myself referring to this as my practice novel and whilst, yes, it has been, it is also more than I ever believed I could achieve. So why not dream bigger and work harder? Considering that's what I'm best at I've decided I need to no longer see this as practice. Believe it's the real thing and you never know, it might just happen. I seriously want to add an, 'on the other hand, if it doesn't,' comment here. But that's against the ethos of what I just said. So let's get on with those words and hope one day they get to do the speaking for me.


  1. Hi Catherine.

    I was awarded a blog award recently and I have been asked to forward it onto five blogs that I enjoy to read. I picked yours because I think you are so determined and hardworking and it is a real 'lift' to read your posts and follow your journey.
    To accept and read about the award, click here

    I hope you are well xx

  2. Hi Lucie,

    Thank you so much for this! I will write up the blog tomorrow.

    Hope LO is looking forward to her birthday!

    Hope to see you again soon xx

  3. Aha! Great minds think alike Lucie!

    I also gave you the Liebster blog award for your interesting blog which is always on my list of blogs to catch up with :)

    See you Thursday xxx

  4. No way! You girls are too good to me! Mwah.

    Look forward to seeing you on Thursday, Liz xxx

  5. Good luck Katy! I'm hoping to start a new WIP in January and my birthday is in March too - but I'm soooo slow (and annoyingly I can't not edit as I go) so there is no way I'll have it done by then - next Christmas maybe!!

  6. I am in a similar position with My Dream of You. I finished the first draft, put it away for a while and when I came back to it I realised that it needed a complete re-write. I mean a COMPLETE re-write... new MC, new plot etc. *sigh* I keep reminding myself that easy doesn't get published but it doesn't make this re-write any less painful.