Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A week in pictures: The RNA Winter Party & Wordfall Book Launch

Last week was the most busy and fun-filled one I've had for a while. Not only did it involve the RNA Winter Party it was followed by the Wordfall Book Launch.

Oh, dear! It seems I've failed in my ability to use technology. Having a snazzy iPhone I thought it would do the job but it was selecting flash and making it look like we were drinking at sunset. So I trusted Talli to take some fab shots and she did so check them out on Talli's blog and the RNA blog.

Here's Anita Chapman, Sue Fortin, Me, Liz Harris, Jan Brigden and Liz Crump. We're all members of the Romantic Novelists' Association New Writers' Scheme apart from Liz Harris who has just graduated to full member status after signing a contract with Choc Lit. An excellent reason to celebrate!

This time I made a point of speaking to some of my favourite writers. Here I am with Carole Matthews and I managed to chat to Katie Fforde and Judy Astley. I gushed a bit with enthusiasm. I hope it wasn't too obvious but I wasn't exactly cool. It's only now I've returned and seen the photos I realise they must have recognised my maniac status just by the look in my eyes!
Sue's not asleep - honest!
It was only by the time I was slightly worse for wear and at the after party I managed to work out how to use my camera. Vanessa Savage, Sue Fortin, Debbie White, Laura E James and myself stayed at Ramada Hyde Park together. It was a lovely place to stay and the bar seemed to cope well with our laughter, antics and desire for cheese and onion crisps. It made for a fantastic rounding off to a wonderful evening.
The book launch for Wordfall was the day after I returned. Here are some of the winners with editor and organiser, Penny Legg, the publisher, Tessa Lorent, and the Mayor and Mayoress of Southampton.
I really need to work on my reactions. The Mayor asked who wrote, 'Permanent Ink?' It's my ten-minute drama that won first place and you may be able to tell from my expression - I was a little shocked the Mayor had read it and told me it was excellent and would love to see it produced.
After signing the Mayor's copy of Wordfall. The first picture all week where I have a sensible smile, non-maniac eyes and my jaw's back where it should be. Why can't I manage that in every photo?
With such a busy week it is only right that I spend this week recovering with tea and writing. I'm not used to so much excitement in such a short space of time. 


  1. Lovely post Catherine - we did have fun Thursday night.

    Huge congratulations with Permanent Ink?

    Sue x

  2. A busy but fun week, full of laughter and excitement. X

  3. I did enjoy reading this - congratulations on Wordfall, you most be thrilled. It was so lovely to meet you and the others. I can't wait for the next event so that we can all talk (and laugh) some more. Glad the Ramada stocked cheese and onion crisps and like the pic of the teapot, cup and saucer. Lots of love. X

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Since I've finally steeled myself to write romance, I might just have to join :)
    Congrats on Wordfall. Perhaps it's the presence of officialdom that brings out your serious side!