Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wordfall Anthology: Book Launch & Radio Interview

September 10th last year was my most tremendous day of 2010. I guess picking your favourite day in a year is a bit like selecting your favourite child. You probably shouldn't for fear of offending all the other days but I had three really good (I'd go as far as life-changing) reasons to mark it out against the others.

The first reason makes it a good day annually. It's my Nan and Grandad's wedding anniversary and last year they celebrated their 61st anniversary. They have been tremendously supportive throughout my life and I am for ever grateful to them.

Second my husband received a phonecall with the good news he'd been successful in a job interview.

With that news, I headed to the Writing Buddies Meeting for the anthology results. The competition covered seven categories and was held in July. I went to results meeting nervous and absolutely convinced I wouldn't win anything. You can read how the event went on the blog post I wrote last year: The Anthology Results and a Cheshire cat grin!

I was astonished to find all four pieces gained either a 1st or 2nd place in their categories. In that blog post one sentence rings true to that whole day:

It does start to help confirm the notion that I am making the right decision in pursuing my writing dreams.

Until that day all I knew was I loved to write. Being told I was good made me think... Oh, maybe I really can do this.  It gave me the confidence to find a year later, I've written my first novel.

This Saturday 19th November is the book launch for Wordfall, the 2010 Anthology, Southampton Writing Buddies. It's taking place at Waterstones, Above Bar, Southampton from 5:30 to 6:30pm. You are welcome to come along.

It's turning out to be a bigger occasion than I ever imagined with the Major and Majoress of Southampton attending. The 12 winners (myself included) have been interviewed for BBC Radio Solent and have been on air today.

I thought I'd share a little about the pieces I have in there and the judge's comments:

Permanent Ink: Winner, 10 minute drama

Two sisters argue over getting a name tattooed. Megan is all for it and about to get it done whilst Heidi is trying to talk her out of it.

Judge's comment: This is an interesting piece with a fun twist in the tail. An excellent piece.

Keisha: Winner, Flash Fiction

A harrowing piece when the worst happens at Keisha's workplace.

Judge's comment: A brief, sad tale that evokes sympathy for Keisha, not least because she's been through this trauma before.

Guinea Foul: Second place, Flash Fiction

When guinea pigs meet foul play, thinks get messy between neighbours.

Judge's comment: An amusing piece.

Can the hashtag bring the writing community closer together? Second place, Non-Fiction Filler

A year later and this article is still current. Keeping check on the latest hashtags helps bring writers, readers and publishers closer together.

Judge's comment: This reminded us that in this electronic age we should all be twittering. We may not like it but publishers are certainly expecting us to do more of it.

If you do read any, I hope you enjoy and would love to see you at the launch but if you can't make that I will add my d├ębut radio interview below when it becomes available. Cringe.
Radio Interview is here: Scroll to 1:40 into the programme and you'll hear me!

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  1. The launch is too far away for me to attend, but I wish you lots of luck with it and of course lots of fun, an ability to enjoy your day. Have a great launch!