Friday, December 9, 2011

My Worst English Lesson...

The worst English lesson I ever received in secondary school was my English teacher telling me to not put random words in my stories. Or more specifically, not to look up words in the dictionary and try to put them into my work.

At the time I said something along the lines of, 'Okay.'

What I really should have said is, 'I'll use whatever words I bloody well please, you just teach me if I'm doing it right...'

I'm disgruntled for two reasons:

1) My teacher only knew I liked to look through the dictionary to find interesting words because he'd seen me doing it whilst telling my friends that I did.

2) Because the word I used on that particular piece of work was, Myriad. When we had our one-to-one little sit down chat, rather than explaining how I should use the word, he just told me to stop looking words up.

It's only now I am older (and possible wiser) I realise this was TERRIBLE advice. I never questioned the teacher if he knew which word I'd boldly plucked out the dictionary and plonked in my story (I think that's how he saw it.) I now know I used the work Myriad in context, but with a superfluous adjective. That lesson would have been far more useful.

There is a part of me that is annoyed because I was never encouraged with writing in my younger days. Largely, I believe, down to my dyslexia and the assumption that I didn’t understand.

But I've never let other people's assumptions stop me. Which is why I’ve brought this...

 The biggest dictionary money can by and with it, I would like to say:

Ha Boo Sucks to that lesson!

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