Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Setting Goals for 2012

Whilst most people are getting excited about Christmas, it's around this time that I start getting excited about setting goals for next year. Sad, I know, but they really help me focus my writing efforts over the coming year.

I have set goals for the past two years. The first year focused on increasing the amount I was writing, the second concentrated on 'hits' or paid writing opportunities. Over those two years I achieved more with my writing than in the previous ten years, and it's thanks to those goals.

This year my goals will be aimed at improving my novel, starting a second and moving towards novel publication. Before the end of December I will review how the year has progressed and set out my goals for the next. Far more exciting than putting the tinsel up!

Do you set goals? If you do, how do you stick to them? What are your goals for 2012?


  1. Setting goals is definitely the best way of concentrating your energies. I did it last year and it absolutely spurred into achieving new and wonderful things.

    And yes, I am also beginning to contemplate my objectives for next year - the trick is finding a balance between "Ambitious enough to motivate you" and "Achievable enough to not completely demoralise yourself".

  2. A difficult balance, but great when you get it right.