Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wish I Was Here... Reaching for the Stars Launch Day

Today, Janice Horton launches her new book, Reaching for the Stars. When Janice invited people to join her 'Wish I was here' theme, it seemed like the perfect way to spend a dull December day.

In ‘Reaching for the Stars’ the main character Chef Finn McDuff feels he's had enough of all the food campaigns, the TV cookery shows, the constant frenzy surrounding his private life and disappears into a self-imposed exile for a while. Hence the theme of Launch Day is 'Wish I Was Here...'

My Wish I Was Here... A private beach in Malaysia
These photos are from my honeymoon. We spent four months travelling and these photos are from Merang beach in Malaysia. It's not meant to be private, but at the time we were the only guests there. Always wanted my own private beach...

Ah, back to the grey December weather, but if you need a pick me up, it sounds like Reaching for the Stars will do the job.

Visit Janice's blog here to find out more:


  1. A private beach,yes I'll have that. Gorgeous photos.

  2. Oh fabulous - white sand and sunshine and a whole beach to yourself. That's my kinda' escape too, Catherine, and an excellent 'Wish I Was Here...' choice!
    Love, Janice xx

  3. Lovely choice, that looks like paradise! Sounds like a wonderful honeymoon.

  4. Love the beach theme going on. No sharks in the water I hope?

  5. Lovely photos and memories for you.


  6. What a beautiful place to relax and unwind.