Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Quarter of the way...

It's a sizable chunk. 22,500 words to be exact. Not bad for the 4th January, although I must point out I started rewrite in November and much of December was taken up with Christmas activities.

I'm now working towards my self imposed deadline of 31st January. The joy of it being self imposed means I'm already thinking I can extend it to 14th February and no one can tell me off for doing just that!

However, for now I'll stick to 31st and see where I am by the end of the month. Must now go and focus on that bit that I've done and not worry about the big chunk that remains. Keep an eye on the counter to the right of this page to see how I'm getting on...


  1. Well done on the rewrites and good luck with the rest!

  2. Well done for getting this far - keep going! You're doing great :-) x

  3. Good Luck, I hope you make your deadline! I'm envious because I've still to start this year!