Tuesday, February 14, 2012

NEVER COMING HOME BLOG TOUR: Evonne Wareham talks about her character's versions of Valentine's Day

Today I am pleased to introduce Evonne Wareham on her blog tour for Never Coming Home. I'm in the middle of reading the book and I have to recommend even without finishing. Today Evonne shares her thoughts on her character's version of Valentine's day.

Never Coming Home... The ‘Wispa It …’ Blog Tour 
‘Wispa It...’ Snippet No. 4
Devlin went through the door she indicated. The room
stretched from the front to the back of the house, cool, airy,
lots of white paint, luxuriant plants, pictures on the walls.
One in particular.
It was hanging alongside rather than over the fireplace.
The oil paint was thickly applied. The smudgy, mixed-white
background made the central tracery of lines, in multiple
shades of red, stand away from the canvas. The pattern
seemed abstract until you looked closer. Then you saw it –
the clear profile of a woman.
Devlin’s eyes went automatically to the right-hand
corner. The signature he’d expected was there – a slashing
letter K incised, like the mark of Zorro, in red paint. ‘An
Olivier Kessel.’ His voice sharpened. ‘This is you, isn’t it?’
Realisation hit him as she nodded. ‘Hell – you’re the other

That’s the fourth taster from Never Coming Home.  Another snippet from chapter two at Deb’s Daydreams on Friday.

Today is Valentine's Day.  The most romantic day of the year.  Or is it?  If the man (or woman, for any guy reading this) of your dreams does and says all the right things, and means them, it's magic, but if not …
With that in mind, I thought today I’d stop talking about myself and take a look at Devlin and Kaz, my hero and heroine from Never Coming Home, to find out their experiences with Valentine's Day.
Well -- I could actually stop right here, as far as Devlin is concerned.  He doesn't talk.  Ever. About anything. Finding out about his love life is a virtual impossibility, so I have to go with intuition, impressions and reading between a lot of lines. I guess, and it is only a guess, that for a pretty hot guy, Devlin doesn't have that much serious history with women -- maybe one or two relationships that teetered on the brink of something more, until he pulled back, or his mysterious bosses sent him off into some new undercover operation, and effectively ended the relationship.  And, deep down, that's the way he wants it. Because of his past, because of who he is and what he's been, Devlin doesn't think love is a possibility for him.  So – he’s certainly celebrated Valentine's Day with particular ladies, but it's not a date that looms large in his calendar.  When it does come around, I'd guess he'd be the traditional type, jewelry, perfume, a dozen red roses, or maybe two dozen, but the message on the card would be simply his name -- the one he's using at the moment.  But never, ever, his love.
Evonne Wareham

Kaz hasn't had a good time with Valentines.  She has memories of her parents -- her father sometimes whisking her mother away for a surprise weekend in Paris, or maybe New York, but more often immersed in his latest work of art and forgetting completely, with the resulting spectacular sulks and slammed doors.  If there was one thing that Suzanne and Oliver enjoyed it was a good row. They still do, even after years apart. 
Kaz married young, to a man she thought had walked straight out of her dreams.  Early in their relationship she got used to her husband’s slightly off-beat ideas of celebrating Valentine's Day – a picnic by the river, a quirky piece of sculpture, a ride in a hot air balloon -- even though her taste was more for a romantic dinner at a cosy corner table in a favourite local restaurant -- or a home cooked meal, lovingly prepared in her own kitchen. After a few years of marriage the gifts and celebrations got a little more conventional – wine, chocolates, flowers. Then came the day that Kaz accidently discovered Jeff’s order for two identical bouquets of spring flowers. One for her and one for his latest girlfriend –
Valentine’s Day doesn't have the same ring to it now.
That's Kaz and Devlin's romantic history -- a little crinkled around the edges.
But maybe, in the future …
I hope your Valentine's Day brings all that you dream of, and more.

Thank you, Evonne for stopping by. For the chance to win a copy of Never Coming Home and a wispa bar tell us about your best or your worst Valentine's day. Please add your comment below with a way to contact you. End date is 21st February.


  1. Hi Catherine

    Thanks for inviting me. It's nice to be here. Looking forward to a few Valentine stories.

    (And was I the only one who went 'Awww' at the Google Valentine cartoon?)

  2. Hi Ladies. That Dev is an intriguing man. My DD has gone on her first date today, so I'll let you know if my Valentine's Day is good or disastrous .

  3. Worst Valentine: years ago, wearing a lovely off the shoulder number trying to be glamorous and sexy…you know, young & foolish (jacket on the back seat) he was driving when the windscreen imploded, and showered me from head to foot in fragments of glass. I do recall standing at the side of the road trying to pick out fine shards of windscreen from my outfit and my body (it managed to get everywhere) whilst attempting to feel… I’ll let you fill in the blanks!

  4. It turned out well. DD was treated to waffles and milkshakes :-)

  5. Thanks Laura and Kay for the contributions. Kay - that sounds horrendous! Laura - glad the date turned out well, bet you were chewing your nails.

  6. My (now) husband and I had our first date on Valentines day 17 years ago so that must have gone okay. That said, I bought him a card, but because he didn't get me one (that pattern has kind of continued!) I didn't give it to him in case he thought I was too keen :-)

  7. My best one was the valentines day my partner said I love you for the first time, he gave me some lovely perfume as a pressie, we had a nice night in with a take away and a couple of DVDs He gave me my pressie and when he was hugging me he said 'I love you'

  8. I had a nice valentines day this year, my husband sent me some lovely roses, very romantic!

    Twitter @UptonAndrea

  9. The worst was last year as I had my mother's funeral to go and we did not celebrate it but the best was this year as my husband won a competition on Facebook run by a greetings card company who sang to me and showered me with gifts.
    Twitter @RuthMarianna