Thursday, June 14, 2012

Project 2: The Big Spring Clean

OK, so it's not spring strictly speaking, but you'd hardly be able to tell going by the weather. I hate to mention how much dust has gathered whilst I've been busy with the work in progress, but it's there and needs attacking. We've already started with the big clean up. I've cleared out the larder cupboard, we've been through all the paperwork, but there's still so much to do I'm going to treat you to delightful pictures of the various stages! A lot of this we're doing in preparation for decorating which is why we're giving the whole house an overhaul Plus we're getting rid of the lodger which I'm delighted by!

Today's excitement, having finished my synopsis, has involved sticking some items on eBay. Something I haven't done for ages and I forgot how technically challenging it can be.
Anyone for some underwater camera housing?
As part of our clear out we've sent several bags to charity shops, but as our lodger is leaving any extra will help so the items that are worth something I'm listing to try and sell. If you fancy checking out the items I'm also katylittlelay on eBay. Obviously this is a temporary measure until my big writing contract comes through, but seen as that may take years! Two items on there so far, not sure I'll make my millions this way either!

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