Sunday, June 17, 2012

A tribute to Randolph Harris Austen

Randolph Harris Austen 

22nd September1923 - 20th May 2012

Twice I've tried to sit down and write a tribute to my Grandad and both times I've got too emotional to come up with adequate words. It's fortunate then that I don't have to come up with new words to tell him how I feel now he's passed away. Instead I'm adding this letter I wrote to him in 2008:

Dear Grandad,

For many years you have been trully what a father should be in the abscense of my own. I have probably never said how thankful I am for that, but I hope it is something you have always known.

So really there is no other person more suitable to walk me down the aisle and I am hoping you will do me that honour?

Yours lovingly always,

Cat xxxxxx

After he passed away my mum and nan found the letter tucked away in his special draw. It was a rare sentimental moment as most of the time we would be winding each other up in humour that we both shared. In the photo above I think he was saying something about gladly getting rid of me. I called him Grandad Gorilla Features and I was his cheeky monkey. Don't ask me how it started, but as normal it was a bit of a wind-up and his presents continued on a theme...
Dan dishing out a thank you gift.
A gorilla ornament to join all the cuddly ones and my nan saying, 'Not another one!'
And this is how I will always remember him:
On our trip to Monkey World where I insisted we take him.

I will always miss you, Grandad, but I'm so happy that you were part of my life.

Your Catherine xxxxxxx


  1. Lovely post for Fathers day. Such lovely photos and lasting memories. My dad had a hat a bit like that which he wore in the garden tending his delphiniums. Happy days!

    1. Ah yes, the hat was a must for his days on the allotment.

      Happy days indeed xx

  2. What a lovely tribute. Made me quite tearful. Thanks for sharing such special memories.

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Rebecca. He was a special man and I'll miss him dearly but have only happy memories ;) x

  3. OK now I'm crying. Where's the like button on a blog?! Happy Memories indeed. Love you x

  4. Lovely post, Catherine.
    At conference, we shall take a moment to raise a glass and toast those who have left this earth, but remain in our hearts.
    Lots of love to you.