Monday, October 8, 2012

Going down to Margate!

I'm just back from a week staying at my mum's place in Margate where the sun did shine for some of the time.

Westbrook Bay
It was nice to have a break with my husband, Dan and it was lovely to spend the time with family. Especially this member of the family:
The family dog, Jasper got most of the attention as he'd just had a cancerous lump removed from his leg a couple of days before we arrived. I was expecting him to be feeling rather sorry for himself, but he was his usual boistrous self. He was very good and was allowed the collar off when we were about as he hasn't been fussing over his wound. However, he did have to have it on when we went out and here he is being obedient (for a change) and letting us put it on. By the end of the week, he would just pop his head into it. What a well behaved dog he can be. Although my mum would like to advance his training to making cups of tea and closing doors behind him. Don't think she's going to have much luck there!

Now, time to get back to writing! (This counts, right?)