Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Winning Season?

It's official - the Coke advert has been on the telly, so the Christmas season is nearly upon us! Now I don't know how you feel about this time of year, but I love it! The reason for my enthusiasm is more to do with one of my other big hobbies - comping. That's entering competitions, not an interest in composting.

Over the next six weeks there will be lots of extra competitions in the run up to Christmas and I love entering them in the hope of one day winning a big Christmas hamper or any other number of prizes. Since taking the decision to cut my hours and become a writer, these competitions have been a blessing. It has meant over the past three years I have been able to give my supportive husband and family better presents than I would be able to afford and bagged a few luxuries for myself.

In 2009, I was lucky enough to receive this email:

Congratulations on winning the Guardian competition!

You have won a fantastic stay in London including:

·         1 night's accommodation a night at either the luxury five-star Sanderson, or St Martins Lane.
·         A cooking master class for two people at Almeida restaurant in Islington

We went in January of 2010 and it was a fantastic foodie experience.

Complimentary Champagne

In 2010 I won my OH a tablet:

I have been informed by Business Traveller Magazine that you entered the competition to win an ARCHOS device in the October Issue.

It gives me great pleasure to inform you that you have won one of the prizes.

Your brand new ARCHOS 10.1 Internet Tablet will be ready for you from the 24th November.

And last year I received a call from Metro Paper informing me I had won a £400 One4all giftcard so my OH had 3 very Happy Christmases.

It's wishful thinking to hope for the same this year, but as you can see, for the past three years, at about this time, I've been beyond lucky. This is of course because I enter lots of competitions and when I'm not writing, this is what I'll be up to in my spare time.

Good Luck to anyone else who is doing the same.

Catherine x


  1. Sounds like good fun,Catherine. Good luck! :-)

    1. It's less stressful than Nanowrimo. Do still need to plug on with my novel though. Thanks, Elle ;)