Monday, March 18, 2013

Hibernation over?

Ah! My sadly neglected blog. I knew this would happen. I set myself up with the grand idea of posting a picture a day and before you know it, it's gone completely to pot. Well, if you're friends with me on facebook or follow me on twitter then you should know why. And if not, there is a blog on The Romaniacs entitled Having It All? That explains everything. If not, this picture might do the job:
Yes, the twins I'm expecting have governed everything for the past several months and I believe this pattern may continue for the rest of my life. Hence, writing has taken a back seat, but only temporarily. In the time I've been away, this isn't my only bit of news. Not only do I have the awesomeness of twins to look forward to, I was also lucky enough to be selected as a runner-up in Miranda Dickinson's Future Stars competition. As a result I will be taking part in her Writing Inspiration Course which ties in nicely with my leave/size of a whale/pre-babies time. I'm hoping in that time to get some kind of partial ready to hand into the NWS as I have a feeling after that and with an August deadline for NWS, I won't be getting much more done!

*Waves to everyone*

Catherine x


  1. Wow, Catherine! Congratuations for the twins and the Future Stars Competition!
    I think it was you who said you won't get anywhere if you don't enter competitions and how right you are:)

  2. Congratulations Catherine on being runner up, and double congratulations for the twins!