Monday, December 30, 2013

Big Stones, Small Stones

2013 has been such a wonderful year for me! I welcomed my gorgeous twins into the world and have absolutely loved being a mum. And to finish the year off I received the amazing news that I've won a car! (I'll blog about that another day.)

2014 really has a lot to live up to. As always I love to give myself some goals. I can always remember a teacher/lecturer talking about big and small stones and putting them into a jar. You always have to start with the big stone and fit the small stones around it. They used it as an analogy for life. Better to tackle the big tasks first. So this year I have one main writing goal and that is to complete my work in progress. The rest of my goals would be lovely to complete but I'm going to concentrate on my big stone.

~ Complete my work in progress
Added March 2014:

  • Enter 5 writing competitions

Reading (I normally read lots but I've found little time to do so. This will make me find time!)
~ To read a book a month

~ Weigh a stone less by this time next year
~ Cook at least one recipe from every good food magazine this year

Realistic things to try and win:
~ A family day out
~ A cookbook
~ A fiction book
~ Something for the girls
~ A board game 
Added March 2014:

  • An evening out for Dan and me
  • An item of clothing
  • A beauty product

In our wildest dreams:
~ iPad Air
~ Kindle Paperwhite
~ Some way of making more room in our house
~ New TV
~ Spa Day
Added March 2014:

  • A family holiday

Lastly, I need to blog here more frequently here as well as on The Romaniacs blog.

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2014! If it's even a bit like 2013 it'll be magic! 


  1. I feel I need to write a plan now.

    Good luck, I know you will achieve lots.


  2. Happy New Year, Catherine. It sounds as if yours will be a great one if you stick to your resolutions!