Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Creative Wins: I won a car!

It's taken a while to sink in, but now it's on the driveway I can believe it! I really did win a car! A lot of people have said how lucky/jammy I am, which is true, but I do make a point of entering competitions that I see. In this instance, the promotion was: Buy One, Win Mii. So by buying a car you had the chance to enter the competition to win a car. Because of the twins we upgraded our car in September & I happened to be walking the twins by a busy dual carriageway to see how feasible it was to walk the girls to a nearby town centre. On the way, I saw the billboard & having recently changed our car I told my husband that he would have to find out if we could enter. As it happened they sent out an entry form and you had yo say in 100 why you liked Seat. I decided I would put a bit of effort into it and write a poem. Months went by and the form stayed on the sideboard. At the beginning of December we went to stay at my mum's in Kent (which was part of the deal when my OH changed the car) & the last thing I packed before we left was the form as I knew the deadline was in December. Whilst in Kent I managed to find the time to write the little poem explaining how we'd upgraded our car because of having twins. I got my husband to send it off on our return and thought nothing of it. That was until the garage called ME. They were selecting the ten best so at first I thought it must be to say we were one of the ten, but then he said, 'I have some very good news for you today!' and went on to tell me I had won the car! I was in the middle of a nappy change so the girls looked very perplexed at mum whooping and cheering! It is really fantastic news as it means I now have transport to take the girls out during the week & won't have to worry about walking next to busy carriageways. 

Here the little beauty is:
As people often ask me how I win things, this year I'm going to blog about anything I win that has involved creative effort. I'm never going to beat this one, but perhaps it will inspire you to enter a few yourself! 

Good Luck!

Catherine x


  1. Looks a nippy little runabout! Well done!

  2. Fantastic! Well done, even more so that you had to use your writerly muscles and write a poem to win it. Happy Driving!