Friday, January 31, 2014

January Update

I thought it would be a good idea to do monthly updates on how I'm getting on with my goals. Very Bridget Jones, I know. 

Writing: I've only managed 500 words this month. One evening session was all I could manage. I'm finding after everything is finished, I've been too tired to do anything other than eat dinner and head to bed. This coming month I'm taking a new approach (see previous post).

Reading: Only 20% of one book according to my kindle! The girls are now in their own room so this should improve now I can read in bed again! 

Health: I've taken the plunge and rejoined Slimming World. I've lost 5 1/2lbs in the first two weeks. 
Zero Good Food recipes completed so far.

Competitions: I've been unbelievably lucky of late. I've won a place on a Sue Moorcroft writing course. I can't wait for this and will blog about it nearer the time. And I've already won three out of the five things on my list of achievable things to win:
 A board game
 A cookbook.
And I've also won a hamper of baby food on FB so that covers something for the girls. 

Next month my main aim is to get more writing done. 

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