Monday, February 17, 2014

Deliveries: Whilst we were away

We had a couple of parcels arrive whilst we were away in Kent.
 This lovely sticker book was from theschoolrun website. The girls are a bit young for it at the moment but we'll be able to put it away for a later date.
I won this fabulous air fryer with a photo on the Phillips Facebook page. Sorry about the poor photo. It does show the rather interesting hole in the side where someone was clearly checking out what it was. I'm looking forward to getting this out and trying it and will take another photo then! It will be great for my Slimming World efforts.

We also had a delivery fail! I won a hamper of baby food from So Organics after sharing a FB comment. I requested delivery for the 18th when we would be back from our break. However it was delivered whilst we were away. As it was frozen goods they have spoiled and we've had to throw it all out. What a waste! If I'd been paying customer I would have been very annoyed. I've emailed the company to let them know about the error but so far no reply! 

I managed to get a fair bit of writing done whilst away so I'm hoping to continue with that over the next few months to get my first draft written.

Catherine x

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