Friday, February 28, 2014

February Update

How has another month disappeared? At least this one has been productive for my writing. Here's my Bridget style update.

Writing: I returned to pen & paper this month and I've written in the region of 10,000 words. It's not all typed up yet & it's in need of an edit for all the overused words, but at least I've found a way to get back to the WIP.
Health: My weight loss has reached 10 pounds and I'm hoping to reach a stone by the end of next month. Happy Days!
I managed to do my first Good a Food recipe. 11 more to go!
Reading: At long last I finished the book I was reading on my kindle. I really didn't get into it so it's taken me a while. I've now started reading A Cornish House by Liz Fenwick and I'm already enjoying it.

Competitions: It's been books, books, books this month! I wanted to win a fiction book and I've won 5 this month from Goodreads. That'll keep me in good stead given my current reading pace! I only have one item left on my achievable things to win which is a family day out, so I'm going to add two more to the list. First, an item of clothing. Second, an evening out for my husband and me. These are both things that I would love, but have little money for now my maternity pay is ending. So if I could win them, it would be fabulous! 

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