Saturday, March 8, 2014

Deliveries: 8th March 2014

Arriving in today's post was this fantastic looking book, A Pleasure & A Calling by Phil Hogan from Goldsboro Books. It's a signed first edition that I won from Goldsboro Books on twitter. It was a lovely surprise to also find a signed tote in with the book. The book has a great premise... Mr Heming is an estate agent who keeps a copy of every key to all the houses he has sold. I'm going to have to read it to find out why! It's creepily close to a real life story of a friend of a friend. Someone was 'breaking in' to their house whilst they were at work. They somehow had a key & were falsely using the address. I'll have to find out what the outcome was in that case as well as reading this intriguing novel.

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