Thursday, May 1, 2014

April Update

I think every month my updates are going to involve me wondering what happened with the time! I did manage to squeeze lots in though. 

I've typed up the last notepad and WIP on the laptop is about 24,000. Both the notepads above have been filled this month & the overall total must be somewhere between 30 - 35K. I'm hoping to get near to 40K by the Summer Party & then I have some hope of sending a full to the NWS by end of August. This will be my main objective again this coming month. 

Reading: I finished Crimson Ribbon and gave it 4/5 stars. It has an excellent opening but overall I felt the rest of the story didn't live up to the start, but was an enjoyable read. I'm now reading Sweet a Proposal by fellow Romaniac Celia J Anderson. I'm already enjoying it but am writing during my reading slot at the moment so need to duplicate myself!

Health: I celebrated my birthday a bit too well so gained some pounds which I've again lost but overall have been rather static over this month. Hoping May sees me get on with some steady weight loss again. I've cooked lots of recipes, but none from Good Food.

Competitions: I've not been doing many other than the odd ones on FB & twitter. I was lucky enough to win a RT comp with Andrew James and now have this lovely dish:
So I'll be able to do some nice meals in there!

Back to the writing again now with the hope of getting to the halfway point soon.

Catherine x

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