Saturday, June 28, 2014

Deliveries: 28th June 2014

I won this baby food pouch from Hipp over on twitter. The girls love the fruit purée and often have some for dessert. 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Deliveries: 26th June 2014

This lovely dribble bib came from ZippySuit after winning on their Friday RT competition. The girls dribble a fair bit when there are teeth coming through so this will be very handy!
I also received a Dry Like Me sample, which I requested when they put something up on Facebook. I can't believe we're at a stage when potty training doesn't seem so far away. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Deliveries: Whilst we were on holiday!

We've been for a lovely week away on the Isle of Wight for the girls' first holiday. We had a fab time and are already making plans for next year. We had three parcels waiting at the post office.
I won this in a Father's Day competition on twitter from Octupus Books. I sent them a picture of one of the meals my husband had cooked for the twins. He's a big foodie and massive cookbook fan so he's really pleased with this. 
I also won this cookbook on twitter from SPAM. 
This final book was from Goodreads. 

I officially need bigger bookshelves!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Deliveries: 6th June 2014 & May Update

This has to be the best delivery of 2014 so far. A beautiful shiny washer-dryer that I won from They run a fortnightly live stream on You Tube which is great fun and I've watched it a few times. You normally can do a few things to participate, and for this week you had to submit a photo of your dirty washing. This was my effort:
I explained that we have twins and our laundry is never ending. The picture was selected and because I was watching, I rang in and spoke to them whilst on the live stream! They offered the washer-dryer to review and keep and I'm so delighted for lots of reasons, one of them being the space we will gain with not having the tumble dryer. I will do my review soon and might even add a link here. 
This also arrived from GoodReads. I love the cover and it's on the TBR pile. 

May has been so busy, I'm going to do a mini update here:

Total for the year: 30,000 words typed up, roughly 35,000 with handwritten remaining work.
3/12 - need to catch up!
Weight loss at 13 1/2 lbs, I keep yo-yoing at the moment, but should be able to give it some proper effort again soon. 
Still need to do some more good food recipes
The above washer-dryer crosses off one of my in my wildest dreams wins as it creates extra space in the house. Not much, but enough to make a difference with twins and needing two lots of most things!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Deliveries: 3rd, 4th & 5th June 2014

I've had a few technical issues with my iPhone & iPad sharing photos so I'm posting these a little late! As I said in the last post, I'm having a run of good luck so don't normally get parcels daily!

On June 3rd this lovely prize arrived from Prima Baby & Pregnancy magazine:
They'd asked for your best parenting tip on Facebook. I told them about podee bottles and how helpful I'd found them with the twins. They selected my comment as the winner and asked to publish it in the magazine, I said yes and I also sent some pictures so they sent these lovely books as a thank you as well as the prize!
BizzieBaby over on a twitter ran a RT competition and I was lucky enough to win a light switch cover which arrived yesterday. They are a great company to follow on twitter and Becky was very helpful.
Also arriving yesterday was another great gift for the girls from Ashton & Parsons after a Rzt competition. A Sophie the giraffe teether. I did take a picture of it in on my phone whilst still in the box, but it's not transferring so here it is out if the box, already having been chewed. Safe to say the girls love it. 
Lastly, arriving today, a lovely treat for me and a friend from Liz Earle. They're celebrating 100 awards for their Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser and they gave 100 of these kits away. It's really nice to be able to treat yourself and a friend. This mummy's skin is in need of some TLC. And I know my friend Chrissie will enjoy hers as well.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Deliveries: The Red Card Collection

There were eight parcels waiting for me at the post office when we got back from Kent. I've had a run of good luck so I've been fortunate in various competitions. My post doesn't always look like this:

One of them is a present I ordered, but here are the rest:
From StudioCanal after winning a twitter comp.

Another win from twitter from Dead Good books. I think my brother will read this before me.
I won this book after seeing the info on Facebook and entering to win a preview book. It sounds good and I hope to read it soon.
I won this cool little book from Walker Books on twitter. It'll be great to help teach the girls the alphabet and I think I'll wrap this up for their birthday. 

And the big box is a Summer Hamper from Tesco F&F after winning their Facebook competition. I had no idea what it would contain and it has to be the loveliest, well-dressed prize I've had for some time with a handwritten card and ribbons:
It contained a lovely selection of goodies including a towel, bag, sunglasses, scarf, and nail varnish:
They've also emailed me a £50 off a £50 spend voucher so I can update my summer wardrobe and I think I might just have to take advantage of that. 

And for my husband and mum... STOP reading now as below are going to be presents for you both. 

This was a twitter win from Cico books and is destined for my mum's craft room.
I won this book from Organix when they were celebrating their birthday. It completes our River Cottage cookbook collection and will be wrapped up for my husband's birthday. This will be great when cooking for the girls. 

I don't think I'll be getting that many parcels in one go again in a hurry!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Deliveries: Whilst We Were Away

We've been away in Kent again so there have been several parcels arrive whilst we've been away.

I won this from Hipp over on twitter. The girls haven't tried this one before so it'll be great for them to try.
I won this magazine from Cbeebies on twitter after answering a simple question.
This book is from Windmill Books and sounds very intriguing. I won it over on twitter after answering a question.
And here is Showbiz Postman Pat. He's rather wonderful as he sings and dances. Having performed to the twins, Amber is fascinated and Eden ended up in tears! Very mixed reviews. He's done rather well to survive his time in the back garden after the courier shoved him over the back fence so he's been there since. He was obviously packaged well. I won him on twitter from UKMums after they had a  twitter party celebrating the new Postman Pat film. I'm hoping both girls will grow to love him! There are eight more parcels at the post office so I'll add them when we've picked them up.