Friday, June 6, 2014

Deliveries: 6th June 2014 & May Update

This has to be the best delivery of 2014 so far. A beautiful shiny washer-dryer that I won from They run a fortnightly live stream on You Tube which is great fun and I've watched it a few times. You normally can do a few things to participate, and for this week you had to submit a photo of your dirty washing. This was my effort:
I explained that we have twins and our laundry is never ending. The picture was selected and because I was watching, I rang in and spoke to them whilst on the live stream! They offered the washer-dryer to review and keep and I'm so delighted for lots of reasons, one of them being the space we will gain with not having the tumble dryer. I will do my review soon and might even add a link here. 
This also arrived from GoodReads. I love the cover and it's on the TBR pile. 

May has been so busy, I'm going to do a mini update here:

Total for the year: 30,000 words typed up, roughly 35,000 with handwritten remaining work.
3/12 - need to catch up!
Weight loss at 13 1/2 lbs, I keep yo-yoing at the moment, but should be able to give it some proper effort again soon. 
Still need to do some more good food recipes
The above washer-dryer crosses off one of my in my wildest dreams wins as it creates extra space in the house. Not much, but enough to make a difference with twins and needing two lots of most things!

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